Does anyone deserve success more than the men and women of the United States military who have worked so tirelessly and given so much to protect us?

United States Veterans are a community of amazing, vibrant, brave and selfless individuals. And it is, truly, an absolute honor to support them in building successful and fulfilling lives in the civilian world.

Support they are very much in need of:

Currently, there are an estimated 10.9 million veterans in the work force.

  • And 60% feel they are underemployed and report that their military skills and experience are not being utilized.


An additional 1 million veterans will transition out over the next 3 years.

And of those surveyed:

  • 72% feel unprepared to negotiate salary and benefits.
  • 76% report an inability to effectively translate their military skills to civilian terms.
  • 57% are unsure of how to network professionally.


This will not do. Especially when we are in a position to do so much to help.


Professional Branding for Veteran Success is a really exciting team effort. To be sure our amazing veterans get absolutely everything they need,  The Impact Pod has partnered with March Marketing, a company built on 15 years of expertise in military transition and veteran employment, working with hundreds of employers to place tens of thousands of veterans in jobs.


Together we have rolled up our sleeves and tackled all of the very unique and specific challenges facing veterans transitioning and post transition. We have formulated an eight-week program that is both high tech and high touch to help veterans build a unique and authentic personal brand that incorporates the best of their military experience in a way that is unique to them as human beings, not just soldiers.

A few of the many skills developed in this 8-week brand building lab are:
  • Identifying the tangible and intangible skills developed in the military.
  • Positioning and differentiating themselves as job candidates.
  • Preparing veterans for stereotypes they may face in the civilian work force.
  • Redefining a sense of professional purpose to bring meaning to civilian work.
  • Writing resumes that feel authentic and true to the individual.
  • Coaching in the art of interviews and professional follow up.
  • Learning how to effectively engage in email and other digital correspondence.
  • Establishing professional, attention getting online profiles.
  • Utilizing social media and job search sites to uncover connections and opportunities.
  • Developing elevator pitches, job search strategies and career path objectives.
  • Making the most of job fairs and networking events.
  • Learning to create and grow a professional network in and outside of your industry.
  • Learning the art of self promotion for professional advancement.
  • How to ask for raises and promotions and position themselves for advancement.
  • How to renegotiate a career path that is not working or is not fulfilling.

Building a personal brand and receiving in-depth guidance on how to put it into action is clearly more than a job placement tool. It’s a life skill.           One that sets veterans up for success in the short term goal of transition and job placement as well as the long term mission of building a successful career and living a fulfilling civilian life.

Our goal is to bring this program to veterans free of cost. We feel their sacrifice and bravery is payment enough. If you are a brand or person who would like to sponsor this program, please reach out at

And if you are a vet and would like to know more about this program or a brand who would like to sponsor our veterans, please reach out as well.   We are here to serve … it is our turn, after all.