There is a big difference between taking from profits to do good and making your profits in a way that does good. And if your brand currently doesn't
understand and operate according to this difference, then both profits and social impact suffer. Because when it comes to profit, there is a limit to
what a company can take in order to do good, but there is no limit to what a company can make by doing good.

When the potential to make money and make a difference go hand in hand, everybody wins.

We help both businesses and the advertising and PR agencies they employ create and implement Double Bottom Line Branding™ strategies,
platforms and creative campaigns that allow brands, creative work and social impact to stand out and connect in our ever-increasing socially
minded economy.

Our consultations focus on the following key business opportunities:

  New Business Pitches: Advertising agencies looking to deliver stand out creative and an understanding of how to strategically navigate a brand
       through our increasingly purpose-driven economy can benefit hugely from a Double Bottom Line Branding™ campaign. Presenting such a
       campaign as one of the multiple creative areas you bring to a meeting allows you to flex your creative muscles.

  Rebranding Initiatives: When companies rebrand, the focus is often mainly on visual identity. This is short sighted. A brand is about more than
       a logo - just like a person is more than just a pretty face. When investing in a rebrand, consider infusing an elevated social impact platform into
       the DNA of your brand. It will allow you to speak to and connect with consumers in more ways and with more meaning than a traditional brand can.

  Brand Niche Creation: Competition within any given industry is tough and only getting tougher. And as we all know, challenger brands are never
       going to be able to outspend category leaders. But creating a double bottom line that ties your brand to the things consumers value most allows
       challenger brands to stand out and connect without having to compete or invest in a huge media buy.

  Quantifying Social Impact: Many brands contribute a great deal of financial resources to causes out in the world. But consumers are now asking
       the question, "Where did that money go ... what difference did it really make?" Our Double Bottom Line Brand™ consultation and creation
       implements a direct, tangible line of impact, allowing a brand to measure its corporate citizenship efforts in terms of people helped, not dollars spent.
       In addition to creating transparency and building consumer trust, this develops a wonderful new brand story.

  Fund Raising Initiatives: Nonprofit organizations need a steady, reliable stream of funding in order to create the long-term sustainability that
       will allow them to continue to serve the social need they are dedicated to. And with the right branding and strategic repositioning, we can help
       nonprofits create partnerships with big brands to create that funding.

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